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Berlin, Germany's largest city surprised us by the huge natural areas of woods, lakes and forests forming 18% of the total area.

We visited the south western suburb of Schlachtensee in Zehlendorf near the forest of Grunewald, with its delightful twin lakes of Schlachtensee and Krummelanke.

Naturally we also visited central Berlin. One visit was in 1991 quite soon after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Others were in 1998 and 2001.

We also usually visit the quiet farming village of Sietzing, Oderbruch in the former GDR, near the Polish border, and look at the wide River Oder.

The photographs have been kept small but there are several on each page so some pages are slow loading.

Please be patient.

I hope you enjoy your visit !

SchlachtenseeCentral BerlinSietzing, Oderbruch

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