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I had my first Boxer when I was 18. He was named "Ricky".
He was a big red and white dog, as strong as an ox.

My poor parents and I learned the hard way that a Boxer pup is a real handfull ! Being our first dog we failed to train him well enough from the beginning. He hated to be left alone and the house suffered. Among his tricks was to regularly pull back the fitted carpet and pull the lounge suite into the middle of the room.

Unfortunately at 18 months someone left the gate open. Ricky saw another dog on the other side of the road and was killed by a passing car.



Next along came Sue, another red and white coloured boxer. Sue had a lovely nature and was a great pal.
When I got married I was lucky in that my wife Pat, accepted Sue without too much of a problem.
Sue lived to a fair age before we had to say goodbye due to arthritis.

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After a couple of years gap we had a really intelligent young Boxer bitch named Kess.

"Kess" on the Hearth
"Tiggy" on Washing Duty

Kess strangely loved swimming and would swim endlessly, her white paws showed clearly through the water.

One day at the age of 5 she had what seemed to be a fit, although the vet thought she had had a slight heart attack.
It was wintertime and my wife regularly threw out bread for the birds, which Kess of course would eat off the lawn. I noticed her apparently licking the concrete path but could see nothing there but a few pods of fallen seeds from our Laburnum tree.

Then she had another seizure and was ill all night.

I mentioned the laburnum seeds to the vet, who said this could be the cause, although he had never heard of a dog eating them. His reference book said that all parts of the tree are deadly, and the problem was that they are addictive. Kess died that day. She had apparently regularly been scavenging the bird food and picking up a few laburnum seeds at the same time.

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After 2 more years I was after a Boxer pup again and found Holly, or "Sharneems Bossy Boots" from Rugeley, Staffordshire. Of good show stock, she was a lovely rich chestnut and white brindle.

Holly was large for a Bitch
She loved our Inflatable   
With a lovely temperament Holly was a great companion for our young son, Simon, who was aged 3 when Holly arrived.
Always nice to be seen with
Always ready for a Game
Holly often went to our caravan in Wales with us. Unlike Kess, Holly never took to swimming after her first experience of deep water on the Welsh coast. She was on the front of our inflatable as we approached the bank of the estuary and looking down into the clear water she could see the bottom. So she jumped off the dinghy obviously thinking it was shallow. She sank like a stone before her natural instinct of swimming took over and she broke surface before swimming to the bank. After that no amount of coaxing or encouragement could persuade her to lift her feet off the bottom or go out of her depth in any water.
Age beginning to Show
Grey Hairs Appearing

Holly spent about 12 years with us before the time came to say Goodbye

I said I would not have another dog !

Then along came "Telfer".

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