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Golf course
"Pitch and Putt" Golf Course

The residents of Allesley and those of the nearby modern estate known as Allesley Park can enjoy the wide open spaces of Allesley Park with its children's swings, sports pitches, "pitch and put" golf course, and crazy golf.


The Park was formerly part of a deer park created in the 13th century by Henry de Hastings probably about 5 times larger than the present park. Later it became a large "gentleman's" farm of over 400 acres tenanted from the Church, but was purchased in the 1960's by the Coventry City Council in order to preserve it for Public Open Space.

Allesley Castle

On higher ground to the south of the Hall is the ancient earthwork believed to be the site of Allesley Castle. No actual proof has been found of the existence of a Castle apart from a few small references in old documents.

Allesley Hall

The original mansion known as Allesley Hall was built as a private house in the mid 17th Century, but has been rebuilt twice since then.

(Shown with the kind permission of Coventry Libraries & Information Services
27th October 2004)

Later it was purchased by Thomas Wyles who set up a boys boarding school there (Allesley Park College) from 1848 to 1886 before being demolished in 1908.

Photograph of Thomas Wyles
Thomas Wyles and wife Anne (nee Ford)
(Photo by kind permission of Anne Ogle-Leonard from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, descendant of Thomas and Anne,)

There are some more old photographs of Allesley Hall on (Go to the Search Pictures then ... type "Allesley Hall" into the lowest box).

Present Allesley Hall

At the centre of the Park is the present Allesley Hall, built in 1909 as a private residence for the Iliffe family. In the 1950's it was a Convalescant Home but is now a Residential Home.
At the side is the old Coach House and Stables but these are now converted into Sheltered flats for elderly residents.

Allesley Hall
Allesley Hall
(Larger Photographs)

Walled Garden

Behind those outbuildings is the 200 year old Walled Garden. Protected by its high walls it would have kept the Hall stocked with vegetables and fruit of many kinds.Like many such places it suffered from neglect and vandalism but work is now in hand to recreate a Georgian kitchen garden.

Walled Garden Project

General Open Areas

The perimeter path is particularly popular in all seasons forming an excellent "constitutional" in pleasant surroundings, as well as for more serious events.

Autumn Colour
Lady Godiva Half-marathon

Keen half-marathon runners strung out along the track (Lady Godiva Half-Marathon Coventry 2006)

The main approach nowadays to the Park is from the east via the lovely avenue of Allesley Hall Drive, but years ago it was from the north and the house faces that direction.

Spring in Allesley Hall Drive 2003
Allesley Hall Drive
(Larger Photograph)

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