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List of ISON names

1614 - 1900
Originally North Warwickshire

My ISONs are a north Warwickshire family originating at Mancetter around 1600. later coming to Bedworth via generations at Over Whitacre, Ansley and Ansty. Records of other members of the family appear at Fenny Drayton, Leics and Sutton Coldfield. There were also Isons at nearby Maxstoke, Fillongley and Nuneaton though no connections have yet been found. Possibly with your help this can be done one day.( Spelling variations found were: Izon; Izen; Izin; Isen; Isons.)

County of Warwickshire

Larger scale Map of north Warwickshire

On the larger scale (unfortunately modern) map the villages where the ISONs lived for generations can be seen. The City of Coventry is the grey area just below Bedworth, whilst Birmingham is a few miles off the left side of the map.

More distant ISON relations: My web pages have been increased to show several Charts of more distantly related ISON families up to the end of the 19th Century. As well as the places referred to above, related ISON families in Coventry, Walsgrave-on-Sowe, Stoke (Coventry district) Birmingham, Burton-on-Trent, Maidstone, Chester and Widnes are now represented. It is hoped these are easy to follow.

There are now about 400 ISON names in the table below, all of which descend from Henry 1743 and before him from Thomas 1614, in Mancetter, north Warwickshire.

I am always pleased to hear from other researchers of the ISON (IZON) name in the North Warwickshire area.

P.S. Some of this information is from Censuses etc and is not confirmed. However it is provided so it can act as a basis for further investigation by relatives.

My thanks go to other researchers who have given considerable assistance and much of the information has been provided by them. These include Valerie Blanchard; Sandra Wilson; Sue Hardy; Gail Jones; and others.

In addition thanks go to Malcolm Jones who is descended from the Sutton Coldfield families and has his own web-site at:

List of ISON names
( The table now contains over 400 names so the page may be slow to download)

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