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This is a list of the main names, plus a few others, appearing in my Web pages.

It is suggested that you follow the route from the Table below to find your family / person rather than the search engine provided. That way you will get a better understanding of the position your relative occupies in our ancestry.
The search engine is excellent but produces every occurrence of the words you enter, which can be confusing. It is ideal for finding the pages where the Places occur and also for Other names, such as Witnesses etc. If the page is large you should then use your Browser's "Find" tool to locate your target.

Using the table below check whose side of the family the names that interest you occur, then click on the relevant entry on the Menu Panel.

  * These appear on both Father's and Mother's sides of My Family.
# These also appear in Other Names
Den's Family: Ainsworth, Ashworth, Barr, Bedder, Blackford, Brotherton, Cakebread, Clark, Claydon, Cort, Dewis, Fletcher #, Galland, Harding, Harratt #, Harrison, Hilton, Hopkins, Howe, Hudson, Hunt, Ison, Mann, Meeks, Millward, Nelder, Nicholls*, Orton#, Page, Perkins, Perry, Pickard, Richards, Russell, Scott, Smith*#, Spencer #, Staine, Stenthrope, Walker #, West, Wiggins, Wraith , Wright
Pat's Family: Adamson, Andrews, Boore, Brazington, Brocklesby; Cadman, Cavill, Cookson, Cross, Edwards, Ferrie, Foster, Gregory, Harris, Harrison, Higgins, Holland, Jones, Maltby, McBriarty, Mitchell, Munday, Munslow, Nelson, Rawson, Rossal, Sand, Story, Sutton, Torley, Troth, Woodfin, Woodhall.
Some Other Names:
such as Spouses of Siblings; Witnesses etc
(much out of date)
(Use Search Facility to find where name occurs)
Aggett, Ainsworth #, Alexander, Alsop, Ames, Andrews, Armitage, Arrowsmith, Ashford, Aspinall, Asplin, Bagley, Ball, Barker, Barnes, Barson, Bartlam, Beal, Beasley, Beesley, Bend, Billing, Billington, Bladon, Blow, Bradbrook, Bradshaw, Broadhurst, Brookes, Brown, Buckler, Buckley, Bull, Burns, Butcher, Carter, Chamberlain, Chick, Clark, Clarke, Clare, Clayton, Cotterell, Cox, Crompton, Crowder, Davies, Dalton, Dillam, Dolton, Drake, Duncan, Elkington, Elson, England, Essex, Evans, Fletcher #, Flowers, Footell, Ford, Forgham, Forrest, Foxall, French, France, Garner, Garnet, Gerrard, Gibbs, Gilbert, Goode, Grainger, Grayson, Green, Gregory#, Gregson, Guest, Gunn, Hall, Halton, Hammersley, Hanby, Hands, Hardy, Harper, Harratt #, Harris, Harvey, Haughton, Hawtin, Haywood, Hazeldine, Hesketh, Hiley, Hodgkinson, Hollis, Holtum, Horrobin, Howell, Hughes, Hull, Hunt, Jarvis, Jeffcott, Jennings, John, Johnson, Jones, Joyce, Judd, Kennell, Kerfoot, Lamb, Lancaster, Launchbury, Lawrence, Layne, Lewis, Liggins, Lightfoot, Lincoln, Lindley, Lofthouse, Lowe, Mallabone, Marlow, Marriott, Martin, Masters, McStocker, Mee, Midgeley, Mills, Moore, Morgan, Morris, Morton, Moss, Neal, Neale, Newton, Nield, Noon, Odams, Orton#, Osbourne, Oswin, Oughton, Over, Owen, Parker, Parry, Pascall, Patterson, Pears, Penn, Pickering, Poole, Porter, Powell, Priestnall, Prophett, Randle, Rawcliffe, Rawson, Ray, Raynor, Reader, Richards, Roberts, Rodgers, Rossall, Rothwell, Ryder, Schwendel, Sergent, Sheppard, Simm, Simmons, Simpson, Smith* #, Sodens, Spencer #, Spiby, Starmen, Stasemore, Storer, Tassiker, Taylor, Tedds, Thomas, Train, Trippas, Wait, Wakelin, Wale, Walker#, Ward, Warwood, Watson, Watts, Webb, Webster, Westrap, Whitehead, Whittaker, Wickham, Wilkinson, Willday, Williamson, Wilmot, Winder, Winterburn, Woodward, Wootten, Wykes, Young


Our Family 's ancestors were not too widely spread luckily. For those visitors to this web site interested in the Places mentioned I have indicated which branches of our family were connected to each place, i.e. were born there or or lived there for some considerable time.

Lancashire Leicestershire Lincolnshire Nottinghamshire Oxfordshire Shropshire Warwickshire

Use the Pico search engine to locate pages where Places occur.

Airdrie, Scotland Pat's Family Ferrie, Torley
Barnetby, Lincolnshire Pat's Family Nelson
Bedworth, Warwickshire My Family Barkby, Bedder, Ison
Bell Green, Warwickshire My Family Harrison, Cakebread
Bishop's Castle, Shropshire Pat's Family Cross, Boore
Bloxham, Oxfordshire My Family Cakebread
Bolton, Lancashire My Family Cort, Spencer
Bourton, Oxfordshire My Family Hunt
Bradford, Yorkshire Pat's Family Maltby
Bury, Lancashire My Family Spencer
Cadney, Lincolnshire Pat's Family Mundey
Catforth, Lancashire Pat's Family Cookson,
Chorlton, Lancashire My Family Cort, Smith
Coventry, Warwickshire My Family Nicholls,
Cropredy, Oxfordshire My Family Hunt
Deddington, Oxfordshire My Family Brotherton
Dunchurch, Warwickshire My Family Howe
Exhall, Warwickshire My Family Harrison, West
Fillongley, Warwickshire My Family Hopkins
Foleshill, Warwickshire My Family Harrison, Barr, Howe
Goxhill, Lincolnshire Pat's Family Nelson, Cavill, Story
Kenilworth, Warwickshire My Family Nicholls, Clarke
Leyland, Lancashire Pat's Family Cookson, Sutton
Lilleshall, Shropshire Pat's Family Edwards
Longton, Lancashire Pat's Family Cookson,
Whetstone, Leicestershire My Family Nicholls
Mancetter, Warwickshire My Family Ison
Over Whitacre, Warwickshire My Family Ison
Shawbury, Shropshire Pat's Family Gregory
Shrewsbury, Shropshire Pat's Family Edwards
Southwell, Nottinghamshire Pat's Family Maltby
Steeple Aston, Oxfordshire My Family Walker
Turton, Lancashire My Family Cort
Wellington, Shropshire Pat's Family Woodfin, Cross
Wombridge, Shropshire Pat's Family Gregory etc
Wrawby, Lincolnshire Pat's Family Nelson, Munday
Wrockwardine Wood, Shropshire Pat's Family Gregory
Yorkshire (possibly Knaresborough
and Boston Spa)
Pat's Family Nelson

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Research is still continuing and these pages will be updated.

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